11 May 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

John Hess (1787-1871) and wife, Anna Maria "Mary" Bloss Hess (1787-1870)
Middletown Cemetery, Butler County, Ohio.
Headstone of John Hess & Mary Bloss Hess his wife, as I found it in 2004.

Headstone as it stands today after the kindness of a stranger. Repaired and good as new!


Joan said...

Blessing be to wonderful strangers. I fear what I will find when I head to eastern Oregon and visit the old family cemeteries --- the strangers there seem to be just strange --- no wonderful, as yet.

Karen said...

Joan, this stranger was a monument company. I happened upon two members of the local historical & genealogy society who asked if this was an ancestor of mine. When I replied that this headstone belonged to my 4th great grandparents, she told me to go see this man at this company.
When I went to see him he told me he would take a small crane out, put the topper back on, secure it and photograph it and send it to my email - all at no cost to me. It seems he randomly does this out of the goodness of his heart! I was a bit skeptical until the photo arrived in my email. I sent him a thank you card but words could never thank him enough.

TennLady said...

What a great guy!

Patty Knight said...

so glad someone came to the "rescue"!!