23 June 2010

I Really Hate it when...

...I come across a couple in my research and I know I've seen something on them before but I just can't put my finger on where.

Surely I made notes about them. But where is the note? Certainly kept that marriage date with her maiden name on it somewhere?

Maybe in one of my filing cabinets?

I got really tired of this. SO a few years ago I started a spreadsheet, nothing fancy just names, dates, places, source & notes for the main names in my research of interest. One focus name per sheet.

So now when I come across a marriage record I record it on my spreadsheet, along with all pertinent information that goes with it - date, place, bondsman, witnesses, parents names etc along with the source on my spreadsheet.

Never again do I wonder, now where did I put that little piece of paper with that marriage information???

Problem solved.

Don'tcha wish all genealogy problems were solved that easily??

Happy researching!


Karen Packard Rhodes said...

The spreadsheet is a good solution. There is also a commercial program, devised by professional genealogist Elizabeth Kelly Kerstens which does the same thing, and more. It is a document-tracking program. That's what I have been using. But you are certainly correct in that we must use some way -- even if it is a paper record rather than electronic -- to track our documents and information.

Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Well, I could have said that the program's name is Clooz. (red face) Eh, it's 3:45 a.m. Don't expect smart at that hour!

Karen said...

Hi Karen, Yes, I've looked at Clooz, and I've heard its a very good piece of software. I just decided not to add any more software until I make better use of what I have. The surname spreadsheets work great for me - as I tell the students in my classes... find a solution that works for you and use it. Whatever it is, make sure its something you love or you won't use it. Thanks for your comments. 3:45 am... can't remember the last time I was up at that hour... LOL