24 June 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

Above, William & Sarah Early Phillips and five of their 10 children, including my great grandfather, Elwood in center back row.
Above Elwood & Edna McCune Phillips, reportedly on their wedding day, 23 Dec 1908.

Above, individual portrait of my great grandmother, Edna McCune Phillips.

Above, individual portrait of my great grandfather, Elwood Phillips.

My treasures today are photo's. When my grandfather left Ohio in 1956, he left behind many family members, many of whom I never got to meet. That all changed in 2005/2006 when a note left in cemetery attracted the attention of one of those family members.

The eventual meeting between myself and the family my grandfather left behind was a wonderful thing, and I'll remember it for as long as I live. The treasures they shared with me continue to delight to this day.

They shared some photo's of my great grandparents, as well as my great great grandparents with me. Photo's I had never seen. And probably never would have had I not met them. The photo's you see on my blog today are photo's shared by these wonderful people who opened their hearts & their doors to me. They shared hundreds of photo's as well as allowing me to view & scan my great grandmother's bible. What a treat it was to renew that family tie!

Notes in a cemetery? A very good thing!
Happy Researching!

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Becky said...

My Grandma's maiden name was Phillips! Thanks for dropping by my blog.