07 June 2010

Relatively Speaking...

Today is Relatively Speaking - Cousins who blog and today's blogger is Cousin Anne over at Gene Notes.

Of all the wild ones, I think Anne is the most driven. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to locate material - obits, death certificates, newspaper stories etc. on her ancestors. Its pretty amazing the stuff that she manages to find on line.

I think all the wild ones have pretty amazing research skills, all different but yet all coming to the same basic theories. A few examples -
  • Sourcing - we all do it a bit differently but we all agree you should source all your material
  • Data input - we all do it differently and to different degrees but we all agree that its important to include good notes about the things that you discover in your research (or don't discover as it sometimes seems to be)
  • Scanning - in today's world of genealogy, how can you not make good use of your scanner?
  • Digital camera's - we all own at least one and boy do they get work outs. No end to the ways a digital camera can work for you in your genealogy.
  • Software - although we don't all use the same software we do agree that a good piece of software that WORKS for YOU is very important. Note the emphasis on WORKS FOR YOU.
  • Good genealogy friends - someone who understands the excitement & joy of a major find, or the disappointment of not finding it at all. Someone who will do lookups at the library for you. Some one you can bounce your theories off of and they really do understand.

Happy Researching!


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TennLady said...

Ha, thanks. I think? You call it driven, I call it Obsessive Compulsive Family Research Disorder. I am totally afflicted with it and I hope there is no cure!