04 June 2010

Friday Already?

With the holiday Monday it just doesn't seem like it should be Friday. Any time Mark is off on the beginning of a work week aka Monday it always plays with my brain for the whole week!

I'd like to say that I worked more on those Kreitzers I wrote about yesterday but I can't. Remember when I posted I was slowing down & taking time to walk away from genealogy & do something else? Today was one of those days.

I've been doing a bit every day - weeding, planting, transplanting etc.. but today I spent with some of the living genealogy type - my daughter & youngest grandson.

We did some shopping of my favorite kind - garage sales and more! Found some nice little red bowls, match the big red ones on my kitchen counter already. The youngest grandson got a Lightening McQueen car that talks and moves on its own for a whopping $1. Wait on the link if you decide to follow it. Its there just slow to load. Needless to say he's a happy camper! Daughter got some small bowls still in the original packaging. Not a great day but a fun one non-the less! We had an awesome lunch at our favorite lunch place - Logan's Steakhouse!

Daughter went to work & youngest grandson & I hung out until the other grandma came on duty. So now I have the oldest two grandsons for the evening and I am about to start dinner before Mark gets here.

Productive day? Probably not what I would call productive. But in the realm of family - Its been an awesome day! That Lightening McQueen car scored some MAJOR brownie points for this grandma! And that's a VERY GOOD THING!

Happy Researching!


TennLady said...

Isn't it great to take time away. Spent the morning with Older Daughter and we had a great time and then lunch before she had to go to work.

Mary said...

Karen - you did have a productive day - you built memories with your grandson (and daughter) that they will hold onto forever!

Carol said...

Can't beat family days, warm and fuzzy and good memories.

Karen said...

Yeah now I spent time away, tomorrow I'm ready to come back in and kick some hiney typing those obits I brought back! Thanks for the comments!