03 June 2010

Onward We Go!

I love the thrill of the hunt. Give me something to chase and I am off like a rocket! Something about the chase - the hunt - I can't really explain it.

I've got all the stuff I brought back from the trip - folders of obituaries to type and notes to transcribe, images to link. But as all genealogists know, one find usually leads to more questions. It really doesn't solve the real issue at all does it?

On the trip I went to Berks County, Pennsylvania to research my Kreitzers. My grandmother, Pauline was a Kreitzer. Her line came from Berks County, Pennsylvania into Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio.

With the finding of Thomas Kreitzer's baptismal record linking him to Peter Kreitzer/Kratzer/Cruetzer in Berks County, the real work now begins. Filling in the holes. In some preliminary work I figured out that Peter Kreitzer & his wife Elisabeth definitely had at least 7 children. I've managed to locate the birth on all of them, and the death on 3 of the 7. I have marriage dates & locations on all but one, Johann George. So I'm not doing too bad there.

Peter is the son of Peter Sr. & his wife, Anna Gish. If you remember Anna is the daughter of Mathias Gish, whose family was featured in a blog that was co-authored by my friend & cousin, Mike. Mike's African-American link into the Gish family makes us sixth cousins.

Peter & Anna Gish Kreitzer are the parents of 12 children. I wish I could say I had done as well with them as I had with the issue of Peter Jr. of the 12 children, 3 now have definite dates for their birth, two have definite death dates & burial locations. Only four have marriages.

So the work continues on this family. You know what they say, When the going gets tough, the tough get going - so I best get off this blog and get busy!

Happy Researching!

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Scottish Genealogist said...

Me too Karen - the answers to one lot of questions lead to...another set of questions. I suspect we are all the same :-)