23 July 2010

Follow Friday - A Bit Different Perspective

Its "Follow Friday" for the geneabloggers. I decided to sort of follow the theme, read on.

I guess you could say I'm not the typical blogger. First of all, I never wanted to be a writer, still don't. I didn't major in english or any of that stuff. I'm not out to impress anyone, just to share my love of genealogy with people. Its pretty much the same reason I do the talks I do.

Clubs & organizations contact me, worrying about fees. Who isn't worrying about fees in this economy - and I tell them I'm not in this for the money. I don't do it for the money and my fees reflect that. I do it because I truly love doing genealogy and I want to share what I've learned.

Its pretty much the same with my blogging. I do follow quite a few blogs, but not all of them are genealogy and I don't read them all every day. There's so much more to me the person than just genealogy so my blog list that I follow reflects the other things that interest me. I'm not knocking those who follow all those other blogs, its just how do you ever get anything done if you sit & read 40 blogs everyday? I tried following bunches, but nothing got done. No housework, no genealogy, not much of anything. That just doesn't work for me personally.

I'm not going to go thru all the blogs I follow on here, they are all on my side bar and you can check them out any time. Many of them are on gardening, frugal living, housekeeping and sewing. I especially enjoy the frugal living blogs that you see listed - I like living as well as we can without spending tons of money to make it happen. Our trip to Florida - all the hotels both on the way down and back were freebies. KACHING! When we bought this home almost four years ago the landscaping was almost non-existant, not anymore. Thanks to alot of the gardening blogs & seed exchanges we've now got some lovely flower beds to enjoy. The cooking blog always has something good to share - and at times challenges me to try new things. The blogs on housekeeping provide tips and idea's for keeping this wonderful home looking its best.

Unlike alot of people, I really don't mind cooking or cleaning. I take great pride in this "castle" as Mark likes to call it. I've developed some lovely friendships with some of the ladies writing some of those blogs. There are genealogy blogs there, and they are truly really good ones - but I'm more than a genealogist, I also a wife, a mom, a grandmother - and my life is multi-dimensional.

So if you get a chance take a minute and check out my sidebar - I'm sure any of the bloggers listed over there would love for you to stop in & check out their blogs. I did & I really enjoyed it. Maybe later today I'll get a chance to sit & do some research... but for now... I've got other things to do.

**Clipart courtesy of my friend Michael Reck's clipart collection
Happy Researching!


GrannyPam said...

Great post, Karen. Right now, I am trying to reorganize and reorder my tasks and life (again), so a few new reads are welcomed. Thanks for including me on your list, too.

Karen said...

Pam, I ALWAYS enjoy your blogs & your facebook posts. I love the ones with your granddaughters. Having three grandsons I don't always get the same perspective - so you & your girls help out with that. Thanks for stopping in...