22 July 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Edna's Bible images

When my grandfather took his family & moved from Ohio to Florida ca 1954 he left behind his brothers & sisters & much of the family history.

So in growing up I had no idea really that there was more family back in Ohio. We knew of them, but we did not know them. Several years ago I worked at reinstating that relationship. It was an awesome time, meeting them, sharing with them and getting to know that side of my grandfather's Phillips family.

They shared much with me, photo's, recipes, flower seeds and much more. One of the most treasured things they shared with me was my great grandmother's bible. I can understand their reluctance at letting it go, after all they were at an age where they knew her, talked with her, have memories of her. Although I have photo's of her where she is holding me, I have no recollection of her personally. I was way too young!

My entry for this treasure chest Thursday are the scanned images of her bible. Just scanned images but oh so important to me. Remember that you can click on the image to enlarge and return to Genealogy Frame Of Mind using your browsers back button.

No, the bible isn't hundreds of years old, but the family history recorded there, in her handwriting... well for me that's enough to make it a treasure!

Happy Researching!
**Top photo taken ca23 DEC 1908, wedding day of Elwood Phillips & Edna McCune, my great grandparents.

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Nancy said...

Even though only scans, they are such treasures! If you didn't already have this information, they are helpful. At the very least, you have her handwriting. The photograph is beautiful. I love her dress and the settings and props for the photo. Just beautiful!