05 July 2010

Relatively Speaking Monday

As many of you may know the Wild Ones have found several "family" ties in our years of researching together. We've found relationships between the WO's themselves - Carol & I, Anne & Carol, Anne & Mark (my husband) and a step tie between Diane & my husband Mark... there are more I am sure, but none of us expected as much when this all started.
One of those relationships is between myself and Carol, who does Reflections From The Fence .
Our common link is to Michael Kesler & his wife, Anna Maria. Carol's ancestor Henry (ca1750-1812) is brother to my Jacob (1757-1843). Jacob was a Revolutionary War soldier. Jacob was born supposedly in Pennyslvania although I have seen other sources that say Virginia. He was married to Maria Katherina Hauser (1748-1823). I descend thru their son, Johan Jacob and his wife Catherine.

(Pg.9 of Jacob's Rev. War Pension papers)
In my research I've encountered quite a few people, a couple at church, one or two when speaking that are "cousins", usually not what I would call close but still related on any one of several lines in my family tree. My husband Mark on the other hand, seems to be related to half the world as we know it because of his ties to the Ligon family.

It really is a small world isn't it?

Happy Researching!

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