30 August 2010

Monday Madness - Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

Last week I was absent for a few days from blogging. This thing called life sometimes gets in the way. Sometimes - the real world requires a wee bit of my attention. And last week was just one of those weeks.

The berm you see below is on the corner of our 1/2 acre property, we had it put in by a local company 4 years ago. We've been out weeding and deadheading the roses. With the temps here last week how could I NOT be outside? Perfect for working out in our yard.

You can view the different angles of the berm in the photo's here, some of which I may have shared with you earlier this year. The bottom photo is outside the picture window. Do you believe it? The weeds actually dared to come up in there too! So weeding took place there too!

There are literally thousands of roses blooming on this berm, and by continually deadheading them after they have bloomed we have kept the blooming up all summer and they are still loaded with the beautiful pink roses. The neighbors who drive & walk by while we are out working always comment on how beautiful our roses are. We just smile & say Thanks!

The view from our picture window in the living room - which is why we have no television in there! For those of you who want to know, the "halo" on the bird feeder keeps the sparrow feeding to a minimum, otherwise they alone would empty that feeder in one day! The pictures are not the greatest, I'm just using my little Cannon digital camera. Works great for us!

Yesterday while walking some cemteries in Gratiot County I came across a really cool pair of headstones. You'll want to check back tomorrow for Tombstone Tuesday for a look!

Happy Researching!

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