31 August 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - The Davison's

These two stones sit side by side in Oak Grove Cemetery, Breckenridge, Gratiot County, Michigan. They belong to Josie & Eugene Davison. The stones are not huge, both maybe 11-12 inches tall - I didn't have a ruler to measure them. There are no other family members nearby with the same surname. I found these two stones to be rather unique so I just had to snap a few photo's.

The stone below belongs to Josie Davison, and as you can see it has been hit a few times, probably by the mower, breaking the one gate totally off and damaging the one side of the stone. As best I can read the dates for Josie Davison are 7 OCT 1862 - 25 JAN 1940. Left image is the backside and the right appears to be the front with the name & date inscribed.

Below is the headstone of Eugene Davison, on the left is the back side, and the other, showing the name with the dates 7 APR 1860 - 5 APR 1938. Eugene's stone is in better shape than his wife, Josie's.

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