06 September 2010

Another Road Trip

Husband Mark announced this past week that we were going to Ft Wayne for our anniversary. Now for the average person that may not sound like much but for a dedicated genealogy buff like me it only means one thing! I get to spend a day researching at the Allen County Public library!

I know alot of people will wonder about the sanity of someone who is happy with a research trip as an anniversary gift - well when you've been married 33 years there really isn't anything I want or need. So a trip to research works for me! I'm very blessed in that my husband, Mark, doesn't mind researching right along side of me. Together we research, visit cemeteries and generally just have a good time regardless of whether we are hanging out at our castle (home) or if we are on the road doing whatever!

Throw in a few friends, a great day researching, dinner at Bandito's afterward and let me tell you, life doesn't get much better than that!

I'll do my prep with their online catalog, making the day productive - it can be found here . As I've stated before I am a firm believer in prepping for research trips. So my spread sheets are under way, the research notebook is in process, found my copy card and my walking shoes!

Now if only I could twitch my nose and transport myself there - maybe a good book will make that three hour drive a bit more bearable.

Happy researching!

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