03 September 2010

Got Sources?

I wanted to draw your attention to a new "marker" on my sidebar to your right. You may have to scroll down a bit to see it, and I'm using it as a header for today as well.

Having that on my side bar is a reminder to YOU my reader that whenever I post original documents & research on this blog, I will do my utmost to make sure that I provide you with the sourcing if you wish to have it.

I'm rather a fanatic about sourcing, and anyone who has attended my talk, "Sourcing, Who Needs It Anyway?" Will tell you that it can't be stressed enough that you need to source your material. Not for anyone else but for yourself. If two very different dates are presented for one fact, without sourcing you have NO way to determine which one is the most reliable of the two. Without sources if you ever question the validity of what you entered you won't know where to look to double check yourself. Without sources you have no way of substantiating your claims of dates & places.

Without sourcing you really have nothing, no more than a fairy tale. Genealogy isn't a cheap hobby and it can be very time consuming. Alot of work just to write a fairy tale.

Think about it!

Happy Researching!

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