30 September 2010

Kudo's - Odell Robinson & the Whitaker Family Tree

I've been very vocal in my views on sourcing and my distrust for many of the "trees" found on Ancestry.  Basically my distrust comes from the fact that one person puts up a "tree", usually without sourcing or documentation - and then everyone else comes along and basically puts up the same tree, errors & all!

Yesterday while doing some research I came across a tree on Ancestry that just rocks!  Finally someone who understands research - someone who actually has documentation of the dates and the information on the tree. 

Needless to say I was impressed.  With newspaper clippings, headstone photo's and SOURCES...  this tree is a prime example of how a family tree entry should be!

Kudo's to Odell Robinson on the Whitaker family tree!  Awesome job!

Odell's family tree is on the family of William John "Major" Whitaker & his wife Sarah Sallie Washington and their family.  My interest is in Sarah Sallie Washington, she is the daughter of George Turner Washington & his wife,  Mary Elizabeth ANSLEY. 

I'm filling in holes on my Ansley family tree.  Finding Odell's family tree was a gold mine, and with all the documentation and information he provided I was able to do some documenting of my own.

Nice job Odell!  Thanks for taking the time to add sources & documentation to your Ancestry tree.  Maybe there is hope for those trees over at Ancestry after all!

Happy Researching!

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