01 October 2010

Virginia Historical Society - The Woodson Ligon Musket

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Be sure to take a minute and read the story (above) about the history of this gun.  The Ligon mentioned here is one of Mark's ancestors.

I had seen reference to this musket in my Ligon family research.  It noted that the musket was placed in the Virginia Historical Society many years ago.  So in 2006 Mark (shown) and I decided to do some research in Virginia. We set aside some time and went to the historical society where we did indeed find the Woodson Ligon musket on display.

A bookmark was printed by the society, and was for sale in the gift shop. Of course Mark bought abt 30 to share.  The musket measures 7ft four inches in length, and is described as an English Fowler, designed largely for shooting birds, dates to ca1740.  "The barrell is noted as being approx. .80 caliber or 12 gauge, has a slight swell at the breech and a slight flare at the muzzle."

If you are a Ligon descendant and want a bookmark, I have a few (8-10) I can share, email me at karenATmiprofgenieDOTcom and I'll get one out in the mail to you. 

Happy Researching!

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Anonymous said...

Pleased for you that the gun is on public display for all to enjoy, but I wouldn't fancy being on the "receiving end" :-)