04 October 2010

Madness Monday - Abigail Presley Ansley

We all have them,  in fact many of us have several of them.  Abigail is one of mine.  Yes, Abigail is one of my brick walls.

She was born Abigail Presley, 9 SEP 1830 supposedly in Georgia.  She married 3 FEB 1848 to Rayford Ansley.  Abigail & Rayford are my 3rd great grandparents.  Abigail dies ca1859, although no one really knows where or when.  The same can be said about Rayford.  Her parents are said to be Andrew Presley & Anny Strickland, but then no one can offer proof, its all heresay.  Which if you've followed this blog enough, you know doesn't work for me.  I need/want real proof.

Abigail was the mother of 9 children: William, Mary, Mirandah, Nancy, Thomas, Joseph, Henry, Sarah & supposedly a second sone named William as well. (perhaps the first William died young?)

Much of this family's history is unknown to this compiler, in fact most people that I have talked with about the family of Abigail & Rayford don't seem to know much more than I do.  The one person with whom I have chatted and says he descends from this line says that when I "..prove my lineage to his satisfaction (DNA doesn't count with him) he'll reveal what he knows...".  You don't want to hear my thoughts on his attitude!

Their son Joseph, my ancestor, took great lessons from his parents, his death place & date are unknown to the compiler as well.  As of this writing only three of the children of Abigail have known death dates & places.  The other's... well, that's another Monday Madness blog. 

For now just wondering what became of Abigail is enough madness for this blogger for now.  Maybe someone will read this blog and make it into Miracle Monday by answering all my questions about Abigail.... 

Happy Researching!


Jen said...

Wow, I just love that other researcher's comment about you proving your lineage to his satisfaction. Good grief! Isn't genealogy one of those areas where we should all play nice together and share? I have run into a few people like that in my years of researching and I guess these people must think they own the records. Have they ever considered what they "know" to be true might not be? That someone else might have a piece of information that sets a record straight or solves on of their brick walls?

Frustrating. I can't help you with this brick wall but I hope someone can.

Karen said...

Jen, He really does think because its "HIS" family that he does own the records. I've pretty much blown him off - I figure I'll find it all in its own good time. As my mother used to say, "consider the source" - I did and moved on. Thanks for your comments.

Charles Ward said...

Karen, it's unfortunate that you encountered someone so unhelpful. You and I communicated five years ago on the Ansley family, although we never discussed the Presley family. I would refer you to a posting I made online on 8 Aug 2006 here:


It is a brief biographical sketch of Rayford Ansley and includes a brief overview of his children. It was not intended to be exhaustive or all-inclusive.

We corresponded at the time and I was unable to provide any information that would definitively connect your Joseph Ansley to Rayford Ansley's son, Joseph. He was something of a mystery man. One elderly cousin, a great-grandson of Rayford Ansley, indicated that Joseph Ansley sold medicine.

As I indicated when we first communicated back in 2006, if you have any questions or wish to correspond further, feel free to contact me using my email address.

Best of luck with your research.

Charles Ward

Karen said...

I do remember chatting with you. Thank you for your comment. I'll go check out your link.
Your work on the Ansley line was actually very helpful, so thank you for your help. I've heard from several that Joseph was a "medicine man". He truly is a mystery man to me.
I've made great progress on Abigails line since this was done. I'll contact you off the blog regarding that.
Again thanks for the comments.