23 September 2010

The Song That Never Ends...

Did you ever hear that song? I think it was made popular on one of the children's shows of yesteryear. Don't ask which one, it might get that song going in my head again. I just remember it seemed that once you got it started there was never an end to it.

Funny that's how it sometimes seems genealogy is. Or should I say my genealogy projects are? I've got typing going on from Darke County, Ohio, its just obits, deeds, wills - stuff like that. Obits from Dayton and more stuff from my last research trip to Ft Wayne. But even I need a break from that now and then. SO after thinking, pondering, contemplating... and a discussion at lunch with one of the Wild Ones - I decided today was the day to just jump right in! I'll be back typing alot of that this weekend while hanging around the hotel in Traverse City, for now it was time to do some newspaper searches.

When you've been doing genealogy a while sometimes you start to rethink the way you are doing things. I've been contemplating redoing a few of my sources, not major redo's but just tweeking them a bit. One of the biggies that I've wanted to tweek was my newspapers. I've got quite a few - I do ALOT of newspaper research, from many different area's. And to be quite honest, I just didn't feel that my newspaper source information was as complete as I thought it should be!

So yesterday after a nice lunch I opted to start on the newspaper source redo instead of laundry! Now that was a tough decision! I'm going thru each newspaper listed on my source list. As I locate the newspaper I go on a hunt on line for such information as, year founded, published or owned by, where copies are available, legal name etc., filling in the information as requested on my source form in Legacy. I didn't get anywhere near a good dent made in the listing of papers, but I am really happy with the amount of information that I have found.

It's amazing what a little work with a search engine and a list of newspaper names will get for you! Tweeking your master sources - Its a very good thing!

Happy Researching!

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Chuck said...

"Lunch and Laundry" rolls of the tongue better than Lunch and Look Up Newspaper Info" so I think You should finish the Laundry first before any more Look Up Newspaper Info!!!!