14 October 2010

Color My World

Were you glued to your tv or computer yesterday as I was watching the rescue of the miners from Chile?  What a fabulous thing that no lives were lost and that all 33 made it out alive!
Can you imagine being a descendant of one of those men?  What color this whole event would add to their family history!

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in chasing the past that we forget to record what's going on today.  We forget that the current things happening everyday make the color for the generations to come.
Have you recorded the story of your courtship & marriage? The birth of your children?  How about your children's graduations? 

Our country has just had one of the most historic elections ever?  Did you record your thoughts on that? Did you work a rally?  Did you hand out signs? Go door to door?  I wish my grandparents had taken the time to write down their thoughts on the elections they lived thru.  Knowing my grandmother's,  I promise you it would have made interesting reading. 

Happy Researching!
**ClipArt courtesy of my dear friend & clip art collector, Michael Reck!

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