13 October 2010

Family of James Jarrett Sr. - The Research Goes On

First of all I apologize for the really bad photo - but its all I have.  I found this so many years ago,  its from that era when I wasn't sourcing, so I have no idea where the photo or most of this information came from.  So if you ask about sources on this material, I will be honest & tell you on this family, I am 95% clueless.  The marriage and parents of Nancy Jarret & Benjamin Morris is from the family bible pages that I received from Mark's grandmother when I first began researching over 20 years ago. Beyond that... your guess is as good as mine. 

So treat this information with caution - its unproven as of this very moment. 

This is one of the families in my data base that I know a bit about, nothing earth shattering or anything.  So today's post is a phishing expidition.  Maybe someone out there has more information on this family??

James Jarrett, photo above is reported in the caption of the photo to have had 24 children.  So far I have seen only 18 of those reported 24 listed anywhere.   Here's what I do know at this point:

James Jarrett (1750-1822) was born, died & married all in Greenbriar County, (West) Virginia.  He married twice.  His daughter, Nancy who marries Ben Morris is Mark's ancestor.

First marriage to Elizabeth Griffey (1754-1802) by whom he had:
  1.  William (marr Caty Medsicar 9 Apr 1807 Greenbriar)
  2. James (marr Ruth Gwinn 11 Jan 1803 Greenbriar)
  3. David
  4. Abraham
  5. Owen (20 May 1790-27 Jul 1852; marr Elizabeth Vincent 5 Mar 1808 Greenbriar)
  6. Leah (marr James Graham 12 Nov 1799 Greenbriar)
  7. Elizabeth (20 Jun 1784-29 Dec 1846; marr William Jones
  8. Isaac
  9. Nancy (4 Sep 1769-14 May 1832; marr Benjamin Morris 12 Nov 1788)
  10. Margaret (marr Levi Morris 22 May 1788, bro to Benjamin)
Second marriage to Rosanna Vincent (1 Feb 1779-21 Aug 1864) by whom he had:
  1. Delilah
  2. Jacob
  3. George W.
  4. James Madison (marr Ruth Hamilton 16 May 1827 Greenbriar)
  5. Morris
  6. Evaline (Arlena?)
  7. Vincent (28 Feb 1815-2 Apr 1887; marr Rebecca Caraway 10 Aug 1844 Greenbriar)
  8. Levi M.
So, any Jarrett researchers out there??

Happy Researching!


Patricia Nell Warren said...

I'm a descendent of Delilah Jarrett, who married my great-greatgrandfather Thornton Warren. They emigrated to the Midwest, where she later died. Would like to know more about her, and her mother Roseanna Vincent.

Karen Krugman said...

If you can fill in the information for me on Thornton Warren I can fill you on the ancestors of Delilah. I don't know anything at all about her personally.
Email me off here at karenATmiprofgenieDOTcom and we'll see what we can figure out.
Thanks for your comment.
I look forward to hearing from you.

myhrtisnwv said...

James Jarrett was my 5th great grandfather. I descend through his son Isaac. Just wondering if you are still doing any research on this line? I have not found 24 children either, I have 19 and those names were taken from his will.