08 November 2010

Military Monday - James D. Ligon Pardon Request (1865)

To The ______ President of the United States: -------
   Your petitioner James D. Ligon of Prince Edward Co Va represents that he is a Farmer, over fifty seven years of age.  His property may be over  Twenty __________ and Dollars in value and he makes this special application for a Pardon and for the benefit of the Proclamation of your Excellance of this 29 May 1865.   He has held no office civil or military in the Confederacy  and only participated in the rebellion to the extent of paying taxes and furnishing food for soldiers.  He has taken the oath of Amnesty under President Lincolns proclamation. 
                                                             James D Ligon
Set unto in requesting _____ Pardon may be granted ----------------

                             Hy Stokes     Farmer
                             B. S. Scott     Farmer
                             Edwin Edmundz   Farmer
                             H.E. Watkins     ______

[Typed exactly as found, with no corrections to any part.  Words not clearly identifiable are shown by ____ ]

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TennLady said...

I have some of these and they are PAGES. Some day I will transcribe them all.