05 November 2010

Politics & Genealogy

After the elections of the past few years I sometimes wonder if its really worth the effort.  So much mud slinging, lying - at times its hard to tell who really is telling the truth.  Hopefully everyone took the time to get out and vote regardless of what party you choose.

Personally I think that the family history that we record should also reflect the lives of those still living.  At some point we too will be part of the family history that someone is searching for.  Have you given any thought at all about taking the time to write down your political views?

Just taking the time to record your thoughts on the election of Mr. Obama, not just his election, but the ones who ran with & against him? How about the local elections in your city, county or state? Did you volunteer? Maybe you attended a rally or made phone calls? Recording your thoughts on the political goings on of our generation should be as much a priority as locating a death date or an obituary on one of your deceased ancestors!  Wouldn't you love to find a diary or letter that discusses your ancestors thoughts on the elections that had taken place in his day?  How I wish my female ancestors had recorded their thoughts on the fight for women's rights! 

We are living history - and we owe it to the genealogists & desendants that come after us to leave behind our perspective.  It's either our perspective or some history book with someone else's slant.  Which would you prefer?

Happy Researching!

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DianaR said...

What a great idea! I think this is true of all important historical events of our lives...it's more interesting to me to have heard my grandfather talk about his experiences during the depression than to read scholarly articles about it.

Certainly historians will write about the election of 2008 - but so should we ~ Thanks for reminding us!