10 December 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Nick!

December 10, 2003 forever changed the way I viewed the word love. I certainly thought that I could love no one as much as I loved my kids and immediate family.

And then on December 10, 2003 this little guy made his appearance. Nothing has been the same since. He has taught me so much. Every day I see Nick I learn something new! Seeing the world thru the eyes of a grandchild definitely puts a new spin on things!

Three pics from Delivery day - First up close picture of our first grandchild, Nick. Second pick is the new grandpa holding his grandson for the very first time. And last but not least, the new dad, our son Eric, with his first child and the first visit from Santa.

Talk about memories! This newborn is now an inquisitive 7 year old who loves Star Wars, computers, video games and hanging out with grandpa & grandma! Happy Birthday Nick!

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