07 January 2011

Fearless Friday...

Back in the fall Mark and I were discussing the genealogy file one night over dinner.  What alot of people don't realize is that Mark researches with me.  I know alot of men, or significant others who really have no interest in the genealogy research being done in the household.  I am blessed in that Mark also enjoys researching!

He isn't a researcher in that he contacts courthouses for documents but he is a "point & shoot" type guy.  Give him a specific thing to chase and he's off & running.  His favorite thing to chase?  Census records!

Okay, you say, he loves to chase census records...  but he also loves typing them in!  I love the "thrill of the hunt", and I can spend hours chasing long lost ancestors on the census.  But I absolutely despise the typing in of those records.  Mark on the other hand does both & he does them VERY WELL!

He truly is fearless, no surname is too daunting, no bad handwriting (who better to read bad writing than someone with bad writing? LOL) is too bad, after all he is on the hunt. 

Having a husband who loves to type census....  it's a VERY GOOD THING!

Happy Researching!


PalmsRV said...

Karen you are a lucky woman! We are retired and travel full time in the RV so my husband accompanies me in the one car that we have as I research. He's very willing to take as many gravestone pictures as needed and takes his own book to the Library of Michigan and reads while I research. It's taken a while, but he's onboard with genealogical research and I consider myself lucky, too.


TennLady said...

My guy doesn't care about the family research and can't read his own bad handwriting.

I think my years of working for doctors helped with the handwriting thing. I usually don't have to many problems except old German script.

Michelle Goodrum said...

You are very lucky indeed! I'm like you in that I enjoy chasing the information down but despise typing it. Unfortunately, there is no one in our house particularly interested in the necessary "drudge" work.

Greta Koehl said...

My husband told me during a recent research trip that he could never do "all that digging through piles of hard-to-read documents." But if I ask him to give me some historical background, he's all over it. It really is great to have a "helper"!