06 January 2011

Travel Thursday - Noble County, Indiana

Every year my Santa brings me a research trip for Christmas.  Nothing big & elaborate, just a one or two day trip to the library of choice in the area (Indiana or Ohio usually!).  I can't complain, there's always something to do, someone to find.  This year was no exception.

This year we went for two days. The first was spent at the Allen County Public library aka Ft. Wayne.  Those of you have traveled & researched there know how much you can accomplish there, so much to find, so little time.  And this trip was no exception.  I found quite a bit on the folks from Putnam County, Indiana that were in my database.  Mostly marriages & cemetery records.  A very good thing. 

The second day we decided to go somewhere we had not been before.  I have a line, the OTT family that migrated from Ohio into Noble County, Indiana.  Mark had done a bit of digging and found that the library had a rather nice collection available - and a good size on line collection as well!   As of today I really haven't had the chance to go to the online collections and reap the benefits of a few hours there.  But a visit to the actual library - what a goldmine!

The Noble County Public Library is a great site for all your research needs in Noble County, Indiana.  Their genealogy department is comfortable, user friendly and loaded with goodies! 

I was a bit leery of a visit there after being in Ft Wayne with so much genealogy stuff at the fingertips. But once I walked into the genealogy room at the Noble library that all changed!  There were 20 - 4 inch notebooks on the OTT family.  Obits, family group sheets, articles, photo's and SO much more!  There were notebooks on other families as well.  They also had boxes, files & notebooks of obituaries, marriage records, cemetery records, newspapers on microfilm, scrapbooks and on and on we could go! 

The room is enclosed has its own copier and copies are on the honor system at .10 each. The staff was friendly & very helpful.  Ancestry is also available. 

The library is located at 813 E. Main St., Albion, IN 46701.  Stop by and check it out. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Researching!


GrannyPam said...

Been there, and liked it as much as you did.

Barbara Poole said...

I love the excitement of your report. Indiana and Ohio are a little far from me, but I know the feeling of being in a library. You're lucky to have visited ACPL, I'm envious! Wonder what next year will bring, maybe SLC?

Karen said...

Barbara, Thanks for your comments! Always nice to see comments.

I've been to SLC several times - We are thinking our "biggie" trip for this year will be Maryland.

I've got tons of work to do there! But first we have to get thru tax season with all our clients!

I'm sure when we do go to Maryland I'll have plenty to blog about.

Thanks again for your comments!

Travis LeMaster said...

These local libraries are gems! Glad to hear you had a successful trip.