17 January 2011

Military Monday - Clayton Nix, Confederate

Confederate rolls showing the death of Clayton Nix at Battle of Boonsboro, Boonsboro, Maryland, Sept. 14, 1862.  The top image shows the place & date of death.  The lower image shows the widow, Ann S. Nix filing with the Confederate States auditor for compensation in the death of Clayton Nix.  The date given confirms the date given on the first muster roll. 

Clayton Nix was one of 14 children born to Miles & Francis Nix.  Nine of them were sons, of which four died in the Civil War. 

Clayton & his brother, John Nix are both my 4th great grandfather's (you figure it out!) on my dad's side.

Clayton married Ann Savannah Naylor 17DEC 1855 in Randolph County, Georgia. At the time of his death the couple had 3 children, Francis, Mary Martha & William Clayton Nix.  Ann remarried soon after Clayton's death, but died shortly after, supposedly when her dress became entangled in a wagon wheel of the carriage she was riding in.

The burial location of Clayton has not been discovered as of this writing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I found your blog on the internet. Clayton Nix was my 3rd great grandfather. I was wondering how we are related. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Jeffrey Hines

Karen said...

Thanks for your comment. I can tell you exactly how we are related. Clayton Nix is my third great grandfather as well. You are thru his son, Wm Clayton Nix, then thru Wm's daughter, Samantha who married Newton L. Hines. I am off of Clayton's daughter, Francis who marries Miles Nix. Francis & Miles have a son LeRoy who was my ancestor. FYI - Miles Nix is the son of Claton's brother, John. For more information email me off the blog at karen AT miprofgenie DOT com and we can trade more information there.
Thanks for writing!