14 January 2011

Politics & Color - The Making of Your Ancestor

Several years ago, the Wild Ones, fellow bloggers, Carol, Anne, and non blogger Diane and myself were all talking - and somehow, not certain at this point how, but the term "Color" came into the discussion.  Not color as in race, but color as in the things that make you who you are. 

In one of my talks we cover the ways to add "color" to your ancestor so that he's more than just a birth & death date.  You know - the stuff on the little dash. 

One of the things I think adds color, helps bring your ancestor to life is Politics!  Yep I said the "dirty" word.  With so much mud slinging and ugliness in today's world of politics, many people shy away from it. BUT, hear me out here....  you really DO need to think about it!

Do you remember how your school text books covered elections & politics?  Do you remember that there really wasn't any thing "learning" there?  Nothing made you WANT to be part of that whole political scene?

With the historical election of the first African American president, you really need to take the time to record your thoughts, your efforts in this historical election!  Did you go to a rally?  Did you volunteer?  Do you know what voter # you were on voting day?  What were your thoughts about the things that transpired during that election?  What do you think about the politics of today?  I see many times in county histories & such things like, "...in politics he was a __________ " (fill in the blank for your ancestor).  Well that's all fine & dandy but how did he feel about women voting?  How did  he feel about taxes?  Did he like Grover Cleveland?  What did she think of Jimmy Carter? 

Only you can pass on to the desendants of tomorrow YOUR thoughts, YOUR insights into the things that are transpiring in our universe today. 

As family historians I feel it is also our job to make sure that we share our views of our changing world in a way that can preserved for those who come after us.  Not the slanted views of tv editorials or newspapers, but our views, views that are backed up with what we believe & the things we stand for. 

Why not take the time today, make a new fact on YOUR entry in the family tree and start recording YOUR thoughts & impressions about the history being made NOW.  Make some family historian of tomorrow happy - you know you'd love it if you found something like that!  So go do it NOW!

Happy Researching!

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