23 February 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Ansley & Waddell

From the Atlanta Constitution, December 1, 1875, Pg. 3, Col. 2 -
We omitted, last week, to state who the parties were so quickly united in the bonds of matrimony in the office of the ordinary. The happy groom was Mr. Joseph Ansley, formerly of Towns County, and the blushing bride was Miss Marietta Waddell, of Jackson County.

The above paragraph was my first insight into the identities of my second great grandparents.  One of only two times that I have found Joseph Ansley in any sort of printed media. 

The official wedding date was 17 NOV 1875 in Jackson County, Georgia.  I finally got a copy of the marriage record two years AFTER I found the above newspaper article. 

Joseph & Marietta were the parents of two sons,  Andrew (1878-1894) and William (1876-1963).

Happy Researching!

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