25 February 2011

Fearless Friday - Google Alerts

This week I started using Google Alerts. Maybe I'm a bit late getting on the band wagon but hey, better late than never!  I had heard of this before but was hesitant to try them.  This past week I decided to jump right out there and give them a try! So glad I did!

You can access Google Alerts by going here .  You simply put in terms or search words, or in my case, the basic surnames I am researching.  You tell google how often you want to be notified when something is found.  Google emails you a list of results that you can then follow up on.

I was a bit leary at first but decided nothing ventured, nothing gained right?  You can have up to 10 alerts active at one time.  Be warned if you choose to be notified when they are found the mail can be rather "active".

Suprisingly enought I was surprised at the things that have come up.  I've made a few new contacts and even better in the five days I've had the alerts active I've gotten seven obits! 

Google Alerts - Its a good thing!

Happy Researching!


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I have had Google Alerts set for the name of my blogs and am often surprised at where they show up, LOL!

Dorene from Ohio said...

My maiden name is very unusual...so Google Alerts lets me know whenever my nieces and nephews get their name in the newspaper. I have been alerted to honors, basketball games won, and speeding tickets of family members :)