19 May 2011

One Bad Apple

Remember that song from some time ago, "One bad apple"? the one that goes, "One bad apple don't spoil the whole darn bunch" by the Osmonds?  That lyric came to mind today when I had an unpleasant experience online.  Keep reading you'll see what I mean. 

One of the things I enjoy most about most genealogists is the positive attitude and the willingness to help others.  Not saying all genealogist are both of those things, but for the most part the largest majority of genealogists I have met have both of those qualtities.  I love helping others with their genealogy.  I get in trouble because I am constantly offering assistance to others.  But, giving back is what its about, at least for me.

What really irks me is when someone has a query or question and someone steps up with a suggestion and the person who posted said query or question comes back with a bad attitude combined with very healthy helping of ugliness. 

Wait a second, you asked, a solution was offered by someone who works in those records ALOT, someone who uses that resource ALOT, oh wait, you didn't like it, so its okay to be nasty and grouchy?  How about just politely saying "I tried that thanks"? 

No wonder alot of people don't even offer to help anymore.  If when you make a suggestion you get a snot attitude back why bother? 

And yes, I'll remember next time YOU post a query.  Wonder if I'll bother to offer any suggestions to help?

As my mom used to say, ".. if you keep showing your attitude* no one will bother to come near you".  Hmmm something to ponder?  Just saying.....

Happy Researching!

*My mom's statement didn't contain the word "attitude" she used the word for a body part...
**Apple basket clip art from my friend Michael Reck's collection

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Barbara Poole said...

I don't know what is happening to people these days. Seems it is more prevalent, sure hope it isn't a sign of the times. I've often thought about writing about the negativity, but don't have the skin for the reaction. Last week, somebody posted something, and some people pounced on her, until they found out her credentials. Then they became fb friends and followed her blog! It's crazy. I try really hard to brush it off, but, I agree, it is irritating.