26 May 2011

Researching On The Road

I'm sure that many of you are aware that we've been on the road. I've been researching but I've also been attempting to inject some balance by also slowing down and trying to actually spend some time chilling out as well.

Taking time to slow down and chill is very hard for me, but I am trying.

Let me fill you in a bit about the research I've been working on. When we were in Berks County, Pennsylvania, we went on a hunt for the headstone of my seventh great uncle and his wife. After initially getting caught in a downpour, we returned the next day and were successful in locating both stones. We also paid a visit to the archives and found quite few goodies there as well.

The past several days were spent down in North Carolina where we visited both the state library and the state archives for North Carolina work. Both days were very successful, with yesterday being the best day so far, gathering no less than 18 wills from both mine & Mark's pedigree charts, proving many lines & adding more documentation to others. Some wills dating back to as early as the 1740's!

Tomorrow we will be photographing the Stillwater Friends Cemetery where some Ansley cousins were buried in the early 1830's, then off to shop for some some Amish baskets in Holmes county.

We wrap the trip up this weekend with obituary work at the Medina County library!

Happy Researching!


Dorene from Ohio said...

If you have a chance, while you are in Holmes County, stop by the Guggisberg Cheese Factory. It is down a country road between Berlin and Millersburg. There is a lovely garden and pond there, and the buildings look like they are from the Alps!

Barbara Poole said...

Your research trip sounds ideal, no matter what you find. Great locations for this time of the year. I'm glad you were able to get back to the cemetery, first roadblocked because of the rain. Enjoyed reading your post.