16 June 2011

Cemetery Research Lists

I'm back - yesterday was tiring but it felt so good to know I'm helping in the fight against juvenile diabetes.  We raised a nice chunk of change yesterday, the final tally isn't in yet but every little bit helps!

Work is ongoing in the prep for the trip to Kentucky & Ohio for research the first week of July.  We've got two big cemeteries that have not been photographed in Hopkins County, Kentucky and that is on tap for the first few days of the trip. 

When I do cemeteries I tell my software to give me a list of all the people buried there that have not been photographed. People ask how I differentiate between photographed and not.  Let me expain.

There are two symbols that I use in my database that denote photo's have been taken or attempted.  When a headstone is located and photographed I use *, when a headstone has been searched for and not found it is denoted with **.  To some this may sound silly BUT....
  1. it keeps me from duplicating headstone photo's
  2. it keeps me from searching over & over for something I already know isn't there
  3. I keep all photo's on my desktop (and a backup drive) but none on my iPad, so when I am in the field I can look at the cemetery name and know whether I have photographed it or not.
IF I find the headstone and its photographed the entry on the place list will look like this:
 Germantown Cemetery, Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio*

IF I do NOT find the stone the entry will look like this:
  Germantown Cemetery, Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio**

IF I have not searched for the stone then the entry will show only:
  Germantown Cemetery, Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio

So when I go in my software and I'm headed out I usually request the one with no astericks at all.  I then take that list and put it on an alphabetical spreadsheet, which I then print off and take with me.  The spreadsheet gives additional information such as multiple spouses, years of death etc.   I only wish I could get the software to print the list so that women are listed with married names if known.  Oh well, guess I can hope eh? 

Happy Researching!

Photo of Altalaha Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery; photo by Mark Krugman

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Jenny Lanctot said...

That's a great idea for signifying which graves you have documented and which ones you haven't! Incidentally, what software do you use? There must be a way to print the list with married names.