03 June 2011

I Now Pronounce You..

I've been working on some marriage records that I pulled on the last part of our trip last week.  They are sort of an index from Medina County, Ohio.  I say sort of - because they do lead to the actual record, but about everything you want to know is listed here on these cards. 

Clicking on the card will enlarge the image in a new window.  Use your browsers back button to return to Frame of Mind.  

I pulled 106 of these,  of that number 78 actually contained information that I did not have in my files.  So I consider that library day a real success!  The one pictured above is for grandparents of Mark - Paul Krugman & Mabel Reusch. 

78 out of 106 not bad for a day at the local library eh?

Happy Researching!

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