10 June 2011

A Little Done..

Research trips are such fun!  Especially when you combine them with vacation time, some shopping and some fun time with your main squeeze!  I'm blessed that Mark enjoys the thrill of the hunt... aka researching almost as much as I do!

I've been working on the data entry from that last trip.  I've gotten all the deeds & wills from the two days in Raleigh, North Carolina scanned and on my flash or thumb drive as they are sometimes called.  And yesterday I finally finished recording all the marriage records I pulled in Medina County, Ohio.

I've still got tons of obits to get done, both from Medina County, Ohio and from Miamisburg, Ohio - and I've got to get those wills & deeds transcribed from North Carolina. 

With the census count down to 1940 in full swing and only about 296 days (Depending on when you read this!) to go I've got some census work I want to complete as well.  Then there's all the prep work for my trip the first week of July.  I've got the two cemeteries in Kentucky printed off that we need to photograph - over 200 headstone entries to chase, and then all the other work back in Ohio to get printed and bound as well.

The new cousins would love a copy of the genealogy I've done on the family so that needs to get printed and ready to go as well. The fun never ends eh?  

The two oldest grandsons are here all weekend and we've a wedding to attend so I don't know how much I'll get done this weekend.  Promise you, It will all be right here on this desk where I left it come Monday morning!

Happy Researching!

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