09 June 2011

Twigs & Trees

Been a really busy week here at our house.  I've not only been working on doing the data entry from the trip we took the last two weeks of May, but I'm working on prep for the trip the first week of July.  Going to different places so I can't even use my old lists!  Always new stuff to chase eh?

Besides the genealogy data entry, we welcomed a new twig to our tree -
Pictured above with his mom, Danielle is Caleb Layton born Tuesday in Alaska to Danielle & Andrew Layton.  Andrew's mom is my cousin Christie. Caleb weighed in at 7lbs 14 oz.  What a cutie!

On another family note thanks to my Military Monday post I've remade contact with cousins I've not seen in 40+ years.  We've been chatting on line and plan on meeting for dinner the first week of July in Dayton.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this!  I've got photo's that I'm hoping maybe they can help identify.  I'm also wondering how much everyone has changed! After all, last time I saw him he was a teenage brat... LOL.  But it will be great fun getting re-acquainted.  I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this!

Finally a step-cousin welcomed her sixth great grandbaby on Monday- Addison Renee.  Congrats Mickie on the new grandbaby! She's beautiful.

Maybe next week things will slow down a bit and I'll be able to stay focused.  After all who can stay focused on researching when you have these adorable babies to look at?!!?!?

Happy Researching!

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