29 June 2011

Sunshine, Mild Temps & Light Breezes

Doesn't that sound just perfect?  I mean all that's missing is a few palm trees and some white beaches.  After a long winter full of snow and cold, sometimes when we get weather like this its hard to focus on matters at hand.

Knowing that I have this 10 day research trip coming on doesn't make it any easier to focus. I mean who wants to stay in the house with temps like 77 or 78 degrees with sunny skies, mild temps & a breeze?  95% of the time I don't mind.  Seriously! 

Luckily most of my to do lists are in order for the trip so if I decide to just go out and enjoy the weather, albeit without the palm trees and beach then I'm good.

SO I hope you understand if I don't delve into any deep research topics today - the warm sands and palm trees are calling my name! 

Happy Researching!

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