30 June 2011

Dates, Dates Who Has The Dates?

Alot of times when I find someone on a census I end up with birth dates that are noted in my software as "abt 1822" or "ca1822"... and the same goes for death dates.  One of my "goals" is to seek out and locate more definite dates on those events in my file that have those "abt" or "ca" words with them.

Next Thursday & Friday I hope to be researching at the Montgomery County Archives & Records Center in Dayton.  My mother's family is from the Dayton area and I've got tons of ancestor work to do there. 

I've gone thru my entire data base and located anyone who was in Montgomery County from 1867 on.  Why 1867?  That's the year that the state of Ohio began keeping "official" records, so its a good place to start.  So anyone with an "abt" or "ca" date reflecting a birth, death or marriage in Montgomery County from 1867 on is going to be a target for my digging!  Another item I'm going to be searching for are the cause of death on all those with dates in that same window.  

Seems to me I've got more than enough to keep me busy for at least two days maybe more!   Question is, I wonder if they would be kind enough to lock me in over night?  I promise not to nap on the books!

Happy Researching!


Chuck said...

Sounds like a great project!
Can you sneak in a sleeping bag? or will you just be researching all night if locked in?

Michelle Goodrum said...

Sounds like a fun and interesting project. Please keep us posted.