04 July 2011

Monday Madness - Hopkins County, Kentucky

Mark & I have been on the road this past weekend, and I am posting this via my iPad. So if you find any typos blame my fingers and this smaller than normal keyboard!

We spent this past Saturday & Sunday photographing headstones in both Odd Fellows and Grapevine cemeteries in Madisonville, Hopkins County. Although we found quite a few of the old stones we were seeking, there were quite a few "oldies" that continue to elude us.

Here is a short list of ones I would truly love to see, perhaps you have a photo and would like to share with us? Last I checked, none were on Find A Grave.

Odd Fellows, Madisonville
Rufus Kirkwood & wife, Eusiba (1844-1916; 1848-1899)
Ligon, George & wife, Catherine (1831-1920; 1813-1872)

Grapevine, Madisonville
Cox, Bathsheba (1801-1881), Marr to J.B Cox buried elsewhere
Nisbet, Sam & wife Agnes (1794-1876; 1802-1837)
Woodruff, David & wife, Elizabeth (1799-1841)

Now, if you don't mind, I think it's time for a few laps in the pool!

Happy Researching!


Leslie Bloss said...

Hello- you are so fortunate to be able to actually stand in the place of your ancestors!! I`m stuck here at a desk, but LOVE working on my Family Tree-Many many Winsteads-including Mandley. Leslie Bloss oh-thanks for your research!

Linda McCauley said...

You beat me to Grapevine! I've had to cancel a trip to Hopkins County twice in the past year. I'm now planning to research in southern IL and western KY after FGS in Sept.