14 June 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - An Obituary, A Tombstone and an Eulogy


William F. Boomershine, 72, died early Saturday morning at his home, 4 miles south of Germantown, on what is known as the old Anderson farm. He had been ill only a few days. Surviving him are his wife, four sons, Perry, Bert, Harry and Lewis, all of this vicinity, four daughters, Mrs. Geo. Kreitzer, Mrs. Hiram Smith, Mrs. Ralph Brandenburg of Germantown and Mrs Guy McCoy of Dayton; 18 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held from the home at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon and burial was made in the Germantown Cemetery.

Funeral services were conducted Monday at 2 pm for William F. Boomershine, 72, prominent Montgomery County farmer who resided four miles south of Germantown for a number of years and who had taken a prominent part in the affairs of the community. Mr. Boomershine's death followed a comparratively brief illness.

Besides his widow, he is survived by four sons and four daughters.
And last but not least the Eulogy that was given at the funeral -

As the date of February 12 has become precious and so full of tender memories of the United States of America, in remembrance of the birth of that great and noble man Abraham Lincoln, so that same date in 1860 became a day ever to remember by Henry & Maria Boomershine, because of the coming of a welcome son their family circle, whom they gave the name of William Francis. It was in the village of Farmersville on that memorable date that this little boy opened his eyes for the first time to earth's experiences. His life began in the midst of some of the most strenuous and thrilling days of America History. His boyhood was spent in the enduring of hardships and experiencing of sorrow brought on by the great civil war and those trying days and years that followed.

Such a time as this has produced many a sturdy life that has learned well the value of meeting the hardships as well as appreciating the joys of life.

William Francis passed through this most impressive period of life throught interesting school days, on to young manhood, where the chivalrous sprit of love became most manifest. Like the ways of every natural young man he turned his attention towards the attractivess [sic] of the fairer sex.

Like a true lover his heart came to beat its wooing throbs for a particular young lady, whose heart in turn was won by his faithful and persistent love.

This reciprocated love reached a climax in the joining of the heart and hand of William Francis Boomershine with that of Miss Elmira Kesler on the 5th of September 1889.

Thus they began their life togher and shared the labors that cause remaining in or near the old house _______ until thirtten years ago when they moved to the Anderson farm in Warren County near Carlisle, Ohio.

Eight times during their 42 1/2 years of companionship their house rejoiced in a birth of a son or daughter, First came Flora bringing the sunshine of pure girlhood into this new found home, then it was Perry with spriti that made the house again rejoice that sister Flora would now have a playmate and companion in the house. Then again Heaven blessed the home with a bright eyed boy whom the proud parents gave the name Bert. As the time sped on little sister Hannah arrived to share the childish experiences with Bert, as the older ones had shared. Again the sun of earth rose; this time to shine upon the sweet face of little Alpha, as she joined the family circle.

The pendulum of time swang on and yet again the clock struck a happy hour, that ushered in another precious life, announcing the arrival of Harry, with whom Alpha did have to share her time and toys. The giver of life again proved faithful and mother laid into father's arms another dear girl named Hazel. But the family circle was not complete until the smiling face of another promising boy appeared to take his place in the heart of Father and Mother so Lewis came and there the circle was complete. The years sped on and Father and Mother shared the sacrifices and responsibilities in the training of the children. As they watched these little lives grow to womanhood and manhood until they each found a help meet of their own.

For more than forty two years the family circle remained unbroken, but only increased as each son or daughter brought another into this fellowship and yet other little lives beamed their smiles upon grandma and grandfather.

But as the progress of time brings new lives into the world so He also comes to gather the sheaves one by one. As life begain and climbs the mountains of earths day so it must go down on the other side into the valley of the shadow.

Father Boomershine climbed the mountain with a determined spirit gathering friendships as he went leading his children through high ways and byways of life, arm in arm with mother, three score years and ten, he followed earths paths until the journey came to an end at the entrance of the valley of the shadows on January 9, 1932 when he had completed 71 years 10 mo. and 27 days of his earth experiences.

Now he has laid down the tools of time and will trod the fields of earth no more.

He has gone to meet the great just Judge of earth who judges righteously according to the deeds done in body.

Yes, Father Boomershine has entered into the e_____________ of the Realm of Eternity. He leaves his sorrowing companion, four sons and four daughters and three brothers, Adam, Daniel and Allen, 18 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren. These loved ones with many other acquaintances will miss him as they proceed on life's journey until one by one they reach the valley through which Father Boomershine has passed and bring again the sorrow of parting.

When sorrow c__________ as _____ it must, In God a man must place his trust. With all the wealth which he may own he can not meet the test alone And only he may stand serene who has a faith on which to lean.

The following note was at the bottom of the eulogy - it is unknown to me who wrote the note.

Pa died on Jan. 9th at 5 O Clock on Saturday morning and was buried on the 11th on Monday afternoon. It was a beautiful winter day. This year being a winter well to remember as this has been the warmest winter that any one has witnessed in years back. At the age of 71 years, 10 mos. 27 days.

[Obituary photocopied at bottom with photograph]

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