01 June 2011

Wisdom Wednesday - I Know I've Said This Before But...

You really need to source your material.  I know, you hear it all the time and I know you've heard it from me.  Regardless of whether or not you ever intend to publish it you still need to source it.

I've been working on the circuit court marriage records I pulled in Medina County, Ohio last week.  I keep finding marriage dates in my data base that don't match the court records.  Luckily I've sourced about 99.7% of what I have (yes, there was a time when I didn't source some things!) so I'm okay.

Because I've sourced my materials when I do find a discrepancy I can easily determine if there is a true problem or if someone has misread a date, or used an application date as a marriage date or if there are other issues. 

Sourcing your materials - Its a very good thing!  You'll be glad you did!

Happy Researching!

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