05 August 2011

Heat & Ancestors

They say that the temps we've been experiencing have made this the hottest July in Michigan history!   I've been trying to spend an hour or so every day out weeding, picking and watering the flower gardens we have in our yard.  Its pretty grueling. 

So many times we see movies about the lives of our ancestors and they really "pretty" it up.  Yes, I am aware that slaves did alot of the actual work, but a little reality check here, unless you were "comfortable" financially, slaves were not the ones who did ALL the work.  My ancestors were not of the financially secure type.  We didn't own plantations or monster farms.  Most of the work on those farms was done by US.   US being my ancestors both male & female.  Air conditioning was not something that was had by all.  In fact my grandparents did not have central air at all in their houses, a wall unit here or there maybe but full central air... never.

I find myself, especially in this heat, thinking about how good we have it.  Note I didn't say "I" have it, I said "WE" have it.  Yep, I included you.  In all the stuff I have seen there were no dishwashers, no clothes washers, no dryers, no microwaves, no crockpots, no lawnmowers, no cars, no vacuum cleaners and no central air conditioning.  In comparing my life to that of my ancestors I think we have it pretty good.  Not only did they have none of the conveniences that we enjoy,  but there was no option, cooking had to be done everyday,  gardens had to be maintained in order to eat, cows had to be milked, sewing had to be done.  And it had to be done wearing much more clothing than most of us ever wear today. 

Next time I start to moan & groan about how hard life is today I think I'll look back at my ancestors and rethink the attitude!   How about you?

Happy Researching!

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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Thought-provoking post, and it has inspired me to make a blog entry about conditions here in Florida!