08 August 2011

Monday Musings

Usually Monday is Military Monday but I've been away from my office it seems for days so I'm a wee bit behind.  Always seems to be more to do than we have time to get done.

Still working on the data entry from the trips we've been on.  Slowly getting a handle on it all, but this weeks focus besides getting more data entry done & working on my marriage project is prep for this weekend's trip to Ft Wayne. 

Although Indiana does have quite a bit of information on line at various places, I've still got stuff I just can't seem to find answers to.  So we are off to Ft Wayne for the day.  While we are there we are having dinner with a new friend who wants to talk genealogy & cemeteries.  Imagine that! 

I'm hoping to spend today getting some great posts up for the rest of the week!  The weather map seems to indicate that maybe all those 90 degree temps we've been experiencing are going to end! I hope so! 

Happy Researching!

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