03 August 2011

Progress... At Least I think So

Been working on quite a few projects for the past few weeks.  The marriage record searches continue, I figured the other day I've added about 300 marriage dates, alot of them in Georgia marriage records - most of them from the Georgia Virtual Vault.  Bouncing around quite a bit in there also digging around for death records and pension records.  Sort of one stop shopping for Georgia records.

The other place I've been digging for marriage records is of course, Family Search, more one stop shopping once you figure out how to get around.  Much success there as well, more on Ohio than Georgia here.

The largest progress is on the data entry front - I've completed the entry on the Medina County, Ohio obituaries I pulled there.  I don't recall the total number I pulled but they are all pulled and typed in.  Some even hit the scanner for linking as well.  On to the Miamisburg, Ohio obituaries next.  So the progress on the data entry is good.  I still have quite a bit to get scanned, some land deeds & maps need to be scanned & linked.  Those will wait, I'm working on my laptop down in the dining room so I can enjoy the birds & flower gardens outside the windows & patio doors.

So progress is being made.  With July being the hottest in Michigan's history, I guess its been a great time for data entry!  Glad something good came out of all this heat!   How about you?  How is your progress on your projects??

Happy Researching!

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