25 August 2011

So Little Time... So Much To Do...

I've been working very diligently at staying on top of my "projects".   With all the data entry I bring back from my trips sometimes it gets difficult.  The ongoing marriage searches are progressing, although I suspect that there are quite a few marriages that occurred at some point in the 1600 & 1700's that I doubt I'll ever pinpoint the exact date on. 

Every day it seems another free data base appears on either FamilySearch or Ancestry that I really should look at.  Just this morning cousin & fellow blogger, Anne over at Gene Notes emails that Kentucky probate records are up on FamilySearch.  Mr. Brown Eyes is full of Kentucky ancestors.  I resist the urge to go there...

Toss in the flower gardens outside the window (that translates into I can SEE the weeds), the veggies that need picking, and the watching the two oldest grandsons and I find myself wondering if I'll ever get everything done on my list?

Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Happy Researching!

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