02 September 2011

Fearless Friday - Miami Township Vigilance Society

Recovered after Four Years - Success Crowns Efforts of the Miami Township Vigilance Society, W.A. Leis, Secretary

The value of an organization to accomplish a certain purpose has been exemplified the past week in the part taken by the Miami Township Vigilance Society, an organization over fifty years old, composed of the farmers of the township and horse owners residing in Miamisburg.

Nearly four years ago the community was startled by the bold robbery of several horses which were stolen while hitched at the public square in Miamisburg.

On May 31, 1902, David Early., Jr. Had a horse and buggy stolen while hitched on public square.  On August 5, 1902 Sam Moyer, who was then employed at Harley Paff's lost his horse and buggy, and on August 31, 1902, E.J. Millers horse and buggy were stolen.

Search was made and rewards were offered at once, but no trace of any of the stolen horses and rigs were discovered.

Some time last year a man named Harry Foster was convicted in Indiana and sent to the penitentiary at Michigan City. Foster confessed a number of crimes, among others gave knowledge of the Miamisburg robberies.

The Indiana Protective Association took up the matter.

Last week, C.H. Bell and N.G. Harris, detectives from Kokomo, Ind., representing the association, came to Miamisburg and conferred with the officers of the Miami Township Vigilance Society, and gave them information that several horses supposed to have been stolen at Miamisburg were at St. Mary's Ohio.
W. A. Leis, secretary of the Miami Township Vigilance Society, and Sam Moyer went to St. Mary's and there discovered Moyer's horse, which was in the possession of a junk dealer named Max Rosenthal. He claimed he bought the horse for $100. He refused to give up the horse and they instituted a suit to reclaim the animal.
Leis also discovered David Early's horse in the possession of a miller. This gentleman offered at once to give the animal up.

On Saturday the replevin suit for Moyers horse came up. Con Mattern of Dayton was engaged as attorney. Quite a crowd of Miami Township farmers went up and the horse was proven to the satisfaction of the justice to belong to Moyer. The horse was brought home and is now in the stable at Miamisburg.

David Early's horse was purchased by the miller, who was anxious to do the square thing in the matter.
Mr. Leis, the secretary, has been working hard on the case, and deserves credit for his successful and commendable efforts. Those that went to St. Mary's last Saturday were: W.A. Leis, Wm. Leis, Miles Blossom, Wm. Pansing, Peter Shepherd, David Baver, Frank Zangelein, Isaac Eck, Charley Early, Frank Wagner, August Zinck, Harley Paaff, Thos. Goonan, Jos. Kehrle, David Early, Ed Miller, Sam Moyer, Attorney Mattern of Dayton.

**Miamisburg News, 22 FEB 1906 (Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio)

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