06 September 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Capt. John Lock

Individual Report for John Lock
Name: John Lock
Sex: M
Individual Information
Birth: 4 Jul 1755 - Frederick County, Maryland
Death: 4 Oct 1818 - Harrison Township, Preble County, Ohio
Burial: in Roselawn Cemetery, Lewisburg, Harrison Township, Preble
             County, Ohio*
 Cause of Death:
   1. He was an accepted patriot for DAR 
   2. Military: Revolutionary War, Jul 1776, Maryland. John Lock was a private
   in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in Capt. Peter Wantz Co. 13.
   3. Land Deed: 7 Sep 1816, Preble County, Ohio. 9-7-1816 John LockSr. and
   Salome Wife, of Preble County Ohio to JohnLock Jr. of Preble County Ohio;
   $640.; S1/2, S22, T7, R3. Wit: John Vance, George Lees. Recorded (not given
   4. He signed a will on 1 Sep 1818 in Preble County, Ohio. Lock, John
   Senior - Harrison Twp. Book B, page 18. Dated 9-1-1818

Wife Salome (surname has not been proven so not included here)

Sons - Henry, John, George, Phillip and Abraham
Daughters - Mary Magdalene wife of John Utt [Ott]
Susanna Catherine wife of John Etzler
Mentions John Peter Dear, son of Mary Magdalene wife of John Utt - John, Peter was not of age.
Mentions land that the mills are on.
Executors - wife, Salome, and son John Lock.
Signed John Lock, Senior
Witnesses - Jesse Swisher, William Leas and Jacob Baker

 5. Inv. & Appr.: 17 Nov 1818, Preble County, Ohio.  Lock, John - deceased
   - Harrison Twp.  - 11-17-1818 - Inventory of goods and chattels. Appraised
   by Jesse Swisher, John Vance and Henry Nealy - Public auction 12-2-1818 -
   persons purchasing items at auction:- John Acre, Philip Albright, Harvey
   Armstrong, Henry Baker, John Baker, Enoch Banfill, John Bantz/ Bents, Jacob
   Bricker, Adam Brown, Isaac Burk, Isaac Byers, William Byers, William
   Campbell, Peter Crouse, Joseph Davis, Daniel W. Denese, John Eaker, John
   Etsler/ Etzler, Levi Forkener, Peter Fultzone, John Hagin/ Hegen/ Hegon/
   Hogans, Samuel Hankins, Henry Hapner, John Harris, George W. Hart, George W.
   Hiatt, James Hobern(?), David Hoover, Harvey Kempe, Henry Knope, Charles
   Kude(?), William Leas, David Lmey(?), Abraham Lock, Henry Lock, John Lock,
   Philip Lock, Solomen Lock, George Long, James McGrew, Peter Merret, Isaac
   Nation, Joel Nation, Henry Nealy, John Neely, Samuel Hustin, David Nisonger,
   James Oldham, Jacob Parker(?), Jacob Peiffer, Thomas Phillips, Valentine
   Phillips, James Quinn, Charles Reed/ Read, martin Rice, James Richards,
   Willis Richards, Thomas Robison, Richard Shourd, John Simington, Jesse
   Swisher, George Temple, Ludwick Thomas, John Tillman, John Utt, Daniel
   Washem, Jacob Werts, Peter Werts, Washington White, William B. Willson. Will
   Book A, Page 132

 6. He had an estate probated on 26 Dec 1818 in Preble County, Ohio. 84 -
   John Lock - ex. Saloma and John L. Lock Sr. Surity: Daniel Lyons and Abraham
   Hepner, signed 26 Dec 1818. Will Abstract: wife Salome to have property she
   wishes to keep; son John to pay Saloma for use of mills and 1/3 of produce;
   Salome to have land on south side of creek; John all land mills are on; sons
   Philip, George and Abraham to have land; when of age land to John Peter Derr
   son of Mary Magdalene, w/o John Utt; residue to be sold and divided equally
   to 7 children, Henry, John, George, Philip, Abraham, Mary Magdalene w/o John
   Utt, Susanna Catharine w/o John Etzler; Inventory by appraisers: Henry
   Neeley, John Wantz, Jesse Swisher; Those who purchased items at sale: (very
   difficult to read) Jesse Swisher, John Baker, Leavie Forkner, David
   Nisonger, Jacob and Peter Werts, Richard Shurde, Samuel Husting, John
   Tillman, John Wegans, Henry Armstrong, Ludwick Thomas, John Utt, Henry
   Conisse, Daniel Burcite, Philip Allbright, William Leise, John Simington,
   Martin Rise, David Hover, Gorge Long, James McGrew Adam --- , John Eacker,
   Frances Quin, John Ware, James Oldum, Henry Hapner, John Bantz, William
   Willson, John House, Jacob Parker, Thomas Philips, David Cinsyk, Abraham
   Isanagle, Eanick Bamfield, Willias Ritchards, Charles Reede, James Oldim,
   Isaac Naton, John and Henry Backer, William Rurs, Danell McDaniell, John
   Rikkards, ... [several more lines of names] ...
Spouses and Children
1. *Salome Bastian (8 Dec 1747 - 29 Dec 1840)
       Marriage: 22 Mar 1780 - Frederick County, Maryland
          1. Susanna Catherine Lock (1776-1846)
          2.Henry B. Lock (Cir 1781-1839)
          3. Mary Magdalena Lock (1783-1848)
          4. John Lock (1786-1857) 
          5. George Lock (1789-1848)
          6. Phillip Lock (1791-1835)
          7. Abraham Lock (1794-1872)

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