25 November 2011

Challenges & Surprises

Well here we are - the turkey is done, the table is cleared, the guests have gone home and now starts the biggest shopping holiday season of the entire year.  Everyone out at all hours of the night, shopping like crazy!  Not me, home tucked in my warm bed with dreams of genealogy dancing in my head.
While I was upstairs cooking and doing Turkey day stuff yesterday my sweet Mr. Brown Eyes... aka my husband Mark hooked up a second moniter on my desktop computer.  I know he has a multiple monitor system at his office and in his home office for tax clients.  But I'd never thought of having one for me.
Sometimes living in this house can be a great but dangerous thing.  You walk away from your desk and when you return things have changed, 99.9% of the time for the better. 
I tried photographing the desk so that you can see what he did for me but the photo was just too dark no matter what. 
The great thing is that I can keep the data base open on one monitor and then have Familysearch or GenealogyBank , or any other program or website open on the other.  No more flipping between the two.   They say it will make things much easier....   We'll see, I hope to test that idea out today ALOT! 

Do any of you use dual monitors? 

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Michelle Goodrum said...

I've thought about it but am afraid to go down that road for fear it will become a huge time suck.