18 November 2011

Friday Updates - The Research Log & More

So I wrote on Nov. 1st that I was going to attempt to maintain a research log.  I explained that this would be a challenge for me.  Or so I thought.

As of today, 17 whole days later I can say that I have been able to keep up the research journal.  I've got 17 full days of notes, including things that may not be genealogy but do relate to or influence my genealogy. I've included notes on travels, library's, copy costs, general notes abt those libraries (see yesterday's rant... Its Not Rocket Science), correspondance on genealogy and general what it is I've been working on for that day.  Not only is this good for me - helping keep me on track with my research but it will be great for my tax prep as I've also noted how many copies I made @ what cost, hotels I stayed in and the cost.  A great way to help keep it all straight!  Mr. Brown Eyes aka my accountant is thrilled!

This has been quite productive on the genealogy & home front.  In the genealogy realm I've been working more on the marriage project.  I"ve had quite a few marriages that I maybe only had a year on or perhaps a full date but no place - so I've been working to fill all those in.  Lots of success on that!   My recent day in Dayton at the Archives helped fill in LOTS of those wedding places.  I also found the date of my great grandparents divorce.  Something I did not have.  My goal for this year has not been to add more generations but to make sure that my data base is fully "dated" and sourced.  That is progressing very nicely.

On the non genealogy front,  bits & pieces of Christmas decor have started to appear around the house.  Today at Costco I found two beautiful "real" wreaths for my front doors.  They sure made the car smell wonderful.  My mom is here visiting from Florida and she's started to wrap the gifts I have accumulated for the grandsons.  Now that they are wrapped, we'll put them away to be "bowed" and put out after the boys are asleep on Christmas eve. 

The biggest task for the next few days is cleaning up my desk and inputting all the stuff I found last weekend!  Should keep me busy for a few days! 

Happy Researching!

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