21 November 2011

Henry Batte Property Division (1720)

William Ligon & his wife, Elizabeth Batte Ligon are the fifth great grandparents of my husband, Mark.


Anonymous said...

Karen, this is really neat to see! I too am intrigued with every little bit of info I discover about our Ligon clan.
By the way, what do you have as DOD for Captain Henry Batte? I have several possible dates and can't confirm which is correct.
Jonnie in SC

Karen Krugman said...

Jonnie, I don't really have a definite date on Henry's death. We do know for certain he was dec'd before Sept 1720, as his daughters dividedd the property at that time. My guess is probably early spring of 1720.... but again I have no definite proof. Let me know if you come up with anything concrete!

Thanks for posting!