09 January 2012

Ft Wayne & the Flip Pal Scanner

What a fabulous combination!  I went to Ft Wayne to the Allen County public library this weekend to research.  Took along my handy little Flip Pal Scanner.  Really put it thru the paces. 

Did lots of scanning, found quite a few photo's, the scanner just loved those.  So far my only beef with the scanner is that I don't have a way to lock it up if I have to leave the table to locate a book or find a ladies room.  We bought some rechargeable batteries that get 500 scans per use, but take 13 hours to charge.  With two sets in tow we've not had any battery issues at all.

Once I got the hang of the 1/2 inch overlap that the scanner likes to have in order to stitch things back together,  we've really not had any real issues with the Flip Pal at all.

I hope to have some images before and after the stitching for you to view in the next few days.  Right now my pantry re-organization is calling my name!


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