10 January 2012

Ready Or Not Here It Comes...

When I was writing this the little box to your right indicated that I had 78 days and counting to the date when the 1940 census is released. 

Whoa!  Where did time go?  Seems like it was just yesterday that the 1930 came out with all of its hullabaloo.  I've not found all my ancestors on the 1920 census, let alone the 1930 and here comes 1940. 

So I've started to do some serious searching for the ones I am missing.  Not just the 1930, but the 1850 and everything forward.  Some are missing I am sure due to mistrust of the census taker... aka the good ole Uncle Sam.  Some are just missing due to spelling errors.  Whatever the reason the great hunt is on!  Doubtful they will all be found before 1940 comes out but what the heck...  nothing like a good census search to brighten ones day eh?

How about you?  How ready are you for the 1940 census release?

Happy Hunting!


Randi Rountree Mathieu said...

Sounds like a good challenge.

Jen said...

I'm ready! Bring it on!

Mark Krugman said...

Ready for
EVERY Census on our families!